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WHEELTRONICS 8144 Parts Breakdown

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16-0248Flat Washer
36-0035Hex Nut
46-1134Self Tapping Screw
56-0267Cotter Pin, 1/8dia. X 1lg.
66-0996Ali/Etl Decal
76-1151"Hydraulic Leveling" Decal
86-0206Shoulder Bolt
91-0938Safety Pin
101-0415Safety Pulley
111-1115Safety Spring
126-0808Flat Washer
136-1135Plastic Knob
143-0439Safety Cover
151-1113Safety Release Handle
162-0902Safety Dog, Left Side
171-1291Cable Connecting Bracket
181-1378Actuator Mtg. Bracket
192-1143Limit Switch Mtg, Bracket
206-1465Wedge Anchor
216-0027Hex Bolt
226-06261/4id Fender Washer
231-0939Plunger Spring
244-0381Tower Weldment, Left Side
251-0745Pivot Plunger
266-0000Grease Fitting
276-0437Roll Pin, 1/8dia. X 1lg.
306-0177Hex Hd. Bolt
313-0561Outer Arm Tube Weldment, Right Side
323-0562Outer Arm Tube Weldment, Left Side
334-0505Short Locking Arm Assembly, Right Side
344-0506Short Locking Arm Assembly, Left Side
352-0192Short Inner Arm Weldment
363-0560Outer Arm Tube Weldment, Right Side
373-0559Outer Arm Tube Weldment, Left Side
384-0503Long Locking Arm Assembly, Right Side
394-0504Long Locking Arm Assembly, Left Side
402-0191Inner Arm Weldment
416-0115Cotter Pin, 1/8 X 2lg.
421-1135Threaded Rod, 3/8-16unc X 1 1/2lg.
443-0170Low Lift Pad, Neoprene
451-0263Arm Stop
466-0339Hex Bolt
482-0439Arm Pin
496-0423Hex Bolt
504-0382Tower Weldment, Right Side
516-0069Shoulder Bolt
520-0203Safety Cover W/Decals, Right Side
536-0594 Safety Instructions Decal
542-0872Safety Dog, Right Side
551-1119Carriage Stop
566-1278 Vector Decal
576-0294Hex Nut
581-1116Safety Cable Pulley
596-0169Self Tapping Screw
601-1420Safety Release Cable, 275 1/2
616-0291Hex Bolt
626-12303/8 Clip
636-0595"Warning" Decal
646-0592 Caution Decal
656-0603"Safety Release" Decal
666-14666/32 Screw
676-0480"Tronic" Decal
686-1119Serial # Tag
694-0421Carriage Weldment
702-0772Glide Bearing
711-0333Pivot Pin
726-0438Set Screw
741-1380Actuator Bar
756-1404Foam Guard
763-0440Crossmember Weldment
776-1403Electrical Utility Box
791-1379Actuator Extension
806-1133Cable Connector
816-1467Elec. Cable 16/3 X 129lg.
826-0032Hex Hd. Nut
836-0178Hex Hd. Bolt
856-0478"Wheel" Decal
866-0315Hex Bolt
870-0204Safety Cover W/Decals, Left Side
886-0295Flat Washer
906-0908Shoulder Bolt
913-0516Toe Gaurd, Right Side (Rear)
923-0517Toe Gaurd, Left Side (Rear)
936-0185Shoulder Bolt
946-0060Flat Washer
952-1007Toe Gaurd, R.S. (Front)
966-0178Hex Bolt
972-1180Toe Gaurd, L.S. (Front)
996-0027Hex Hd. Bolt
1002-1477Angle Bracket

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26-0345Adapter, 3/8npt - 3/8jic X 2 1/4lg.
36-0286Union, 3/8jic Male
40-0162Gland Seal Kit, Right Side
62-0960Hydraulic Tube Assembly
72-0801Piston Tube, Right Side
83-0430Hydraulic Cylinder AssY, Right Side
96-0284Tee, 3/8 Swivel Nut
106-0021Cap, 3/8jic
116-0580Allen Hd. Setscrew
130-0159Piston Seal Kit, Right Side
141-0725Keeper Washer
151-0102Hydraulic Tube Assembly
166-0425Shoulder Bolt
172-1140Hydraulic Tube Assembly
196-0293Hex Bolt
206-0061Flat Washer
216-1146Power Pack
226-1265 Lift Operation" Decal
236-0028Hex Hd. Bolt
241-0734Felt Strip
251-1341Hydraulic Hose Assembly
272-0886Hydraulic Tube Assembly
286-0422Velocity Fuse, 4gpm
296-1362Hydraulic Valve Block
302-0961Hydraulic Tube Assembly
316-1372Branch T Jic All Ends
323-0428Cylinder Barrel Weldment, Left Side
336-0631Uni-Torque Locknut
342-0521Piston Spigot
350-0160Piston Seal Kit, Left Side
362-0793Piston Rod Weldment, Left Side
370-0206Gland Seal Kit, Left Side
384-0289Hydraulic Cylinder AssY, Left Side
392-0879Hydraulic Tube Assembly
412-0802Cylinder Barrel Weldment, Right Side
436-0294Hex Nut
446-1353Round Hd. Bolt
456-0170Tube Clamp
462-0887Hydraulic Tube Assembly
516-0281Adapter, 1/4 Npt, M - 1/4 Jic M
536-0276Adapter, 1/4npt Male - 3/8jic Male
586-1418Contactor Control Box
592-1130Contactor Bracket
606-0008Hex Hd.Bolt
616-0056Lock Washer
636-0032Hex Nut
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