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WHEELTRONICS 7010 Parts Breakdown

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14-0165Medium Locking Arm Assembly (R.S.)
24-0230Short Locking Arm Assembly (R.S.)
36-0901Hex Bolt
46-0032Hex Nut
56-0060Flat Washer
61-0939Plunger Spring
71-0333Pivot Pin
81-0334Plunger Pin
96-0437Roll Pin, 1/8 X 1lg.
116-0438Set Screw
121-0387Threaded Rod, 3/8-16 Unc X1 1/2 Lg.
144-0232Tower Weldmentfright Side
151-0415Safety Cable Pulley
166-0069Shoulder Bolt
173-0097Tower Support Angle Right Side
181-0927Safety Cable
191-0766Cable Roller
206-0907Shoulder Bolt
212-0690Safety Cover
226-0505Self Tap Screw
232-0686Safety Dog Welding, Right Side
241-0938Safety Pin
256-0267Cotter Pin 1/8 Dia. X 1lg.
266-0907Shoulder Bolt
276-0294Hex Nut
281-0940Safety Spring
296-0169Self Tap Screw
306-0035Hex Nut
316-0059Lock Washer
321-0877Carriage Stop
336-0767Hex Bolt
346-0861Fiat H.D. Sock Cap Screw
356-0084Self Lube Bearing
362-0694Chain Cut To Size
372-0740Wheel Chain
382-0674Fork Welding (Right Side)
396-09211/8- Npt. Grease Fitting, 90 Degrees
401-0932Fork Pin Welding
416-0126Hex Bolt
426-0056Lock Washer
433-0218Adjustable Truck Pad Assy (Options)
443-0194Standard Truck Pad (Options)
453-0170Low Lifting Pad Neoprene (Options)
462-0304Low Lifting Pad
472-0732Tower Brace
484-0176Mediuim Locking Arm Assy (Left Side)
494-0231Short Locking Arm Assy (Left Side)
506-0423Hex Bolt
516-0664Hex Nut
522-0439Arm Pin
536-0246Shoulder Bolt
542-0661Link Fork
554-0228Tower Weldment Assy (Left Side)
564-0229Carriage Weldment (Right Side)
576-0479Free Decal
583-0388Safety Rack Welding (Right Side)
596-0045Hex Bolt
603-0389Safety Rack Welding (Left Side)
616-0862Flat Hd Sock Cap Screw
626-0551Self-Lube Bronze Bearing
636-0036Hex Nut
646-0064Flat Washer
656-0316Wedge Anchor
662-0677Fork Welding (Left Side)
674-0225Carriage Weldment (Left Side)
686-0233Retaining Ring, For Wheel 1 3/8 I.D.
696-0629Self-Lubricating Bushing
702-0530Carriage Wheel Assy
714-0226Base Weldment
723-0096Tower Support Angle, Left Side
736-0047Hex Bolt
746-0736Weld Anchor
756-0738Flat Washer
766-0737Hex Nut
772-0293Safety Release Handle
786-0295Plain Washer
796-0591Shoulder Screw
801-0259Safety Link L Shape
816-0032Hex Nut
822-0685Safety Dog Weldment (Left Side)
836-0863Serial No. Plate
846-0398 Ali Plate
856-0592 Caution Decal
866-0480 Tronic Decal
876-0478 Wheel Decal
881-0263Arm Stop (Side)
891-0262Arm Stop (Top)
903-0315Medium Outer Arm Welding (Right Side)
913-0318Medium Outer Arm Welding (Left Side)
923-0313Right Side Short Outer Arm
933-0316Left Side Short Outer Arm
942-0192Medium Inner Arm Welding
952-0695Short Inner Arm Welding
962-0760Microswitch Assy
971-0986Microswitch Shut-Off Assy

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16-0860Power Pack 220v, 1 Ph
26-0674Lock Washer
36-0423Hex Bolt
46-08049/16-18 Male To 1/4 Jic, Male 90 Elbow
51-0942Tube Assembly To Power Pack
61-0725Keeper Washer
70-0159Piston Seal Kit (Right Side)
86-0580Allen Hd 1/4- 20- Unc 3/8lg. Set Screw
92-0664Piston Tube (Right Side)
101-0734Felt Strip (Right Side)
110-0162Gland Kit (Right Side)
122-0662Cylinder Barrel Weldment
136-0425Shoulder Screw
156-08133/8 Jic, Swivel To 3/8 Jic M, 90 Elbow
162-0705Tube Assembly To Base
176-0536Tube Clamp
186-0169#10- 3/8lg. Self-Tapping Screw
196-0286Union, 3/8m, Jic, 3/8m, Jic
203-0397Tube Assembly 3/8 I.D.
213-0398Tube Assembly 1/4 I.D.
233-0399Tube Assembly, 1/4 I.D.
246-0911Velocity Fuse, 2 Gpm.
256-0631Uni-Torque Lock Nut
262-0521Piston Spigot
270-0160Piston Seal Kit, Left Side
282-0669Piston Rod Weldment, Left Side
290-0182Gland Seal Kit, Left Side
314-0227Double Acting Cylinder Assy, Left Side
323-0376Hydraulic Cylinder Assy, Right Side
336-0281Adapter, 1/4m, Jic 1/4"M, Npt
346-0277Pilot-Operated Check Valve
356-0276Adapter, 1/4m, Npt 3/8M, Jic
366-0011Adapter, 3/8m, Npt 3/8m, Jic
373-0400Hydraulic Fitting Assembly
381-0102Tube Elbow
396-0345Adapter, 3/8 Npt M X 3/8 Jic X 2 1/4lg.
406-0910Flow Control
416-0720Adapter, 3/8m, Npt, 1/4f, Npt
436-0271Tee, 1/4m, Npt, 3/8f, Npt
446-0272Ball Valve
451-0281Tube Assembly, 3/8 I.D.
461-0280Tube Assembly, 1/4 I.D.
476-0294Hex Nut
486-0593 Lift-Operating Decal
496-0594 Notice Decal
506-0595 Warning Decal
512-0707Tube Assembly, 1/4 I.D.

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16-0773Motor Ac 230v
36-0775Wiring Assembly Ac
46-0776Bracket Release
56-0867Valve Assembly Release
66-0868Relief Assembly
76-0779 O Ring
86-0780Filter Assembly
96-0781 O Ring
106-0869Pump With Cover
116-0870Return Tube
126-0784Breather Plastic
136-0871Reservoir (3.25 Liter)
146-0872Plumbing Assembly Inlet
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