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Rotary SPOA7 Parts Breakdown

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1BH-7502-90Left Lock Sheave/Bracket Assy
BH-7502-90Right Lock Sheave/Bracket Assy
BH-7501-26Lock Latch Cable Sheave
BH-7528-94Nylon Lock Cable Guide
2BH-7545-00Column Extension
3Call For DetailsRight Column
4BH-7508-20Arm Restraint Release Loop
5BH-7508-18Arm Restraint Pin (SPOA7)
BH-7528-07Arm Restraint Pin (SPOA7-100 up)
6BH-7528-06Ext. Retaining Ring
7BH-7535-58Arm Restraint Spring
8BH-7508-17Arm Restraint Engage Gear
9BH-7500-50Sheave, steel
BH-7500-50NSheave, nylon
10BH-7500-62AExt. Retaining Ring 5304-75
11BH-7502-33Debris Shield / Sheave Cover
12BH-970115" Wide Reach Wheel Spotter
BH-970215" Wide Reach Dual Spotter
13BH-7510-03Slider Block (cup style)
BH-7515-65Shim and Slider Kit (1 carriage)
14BH-7537-50Left Carriage
BH-7537-51Right Carriage
15Call For DetailsLeft Column
16BH-7512-41Power Unit Hose
18Call For DetailsAdapter Plate (not for SPX)
19Call For DetailsControl Box (specify 0 not SPX)
20Call For DetailsPower Unit
21BH-7508-53Hydraulic Cylinder (older models)
BH-7545-15Hydraulic Cylinder (newer models)
22Call For DetailsBleeder Screw
23BH-7500-50Sheave, steel
BH-7500-50NSheave, nylon
24BH-7500-49BSpacer 1-1/2" x .045 thick
25BH-7500-68Sheave Shaft
26BH-7500-62AExt. Retaining Ring 5304-75
27BH-7501-24Lock Latch Release Cable
28/29 BH-7542-62L/R OH Assembly for 10" Col. (blue)
BH-7528-88L/R OH Assembly for 12" Col. (blue)
BH-7542-62RL/R OH Assembly for 10" Col. (red)
BH-7528-89L/R OH Assembly for 12" Col. (red)
30BH-7545-07Mounting Bracket (newer models)
31BH-7512-19Overhead Hydraulic Hose
BH-7512-21Overhead Hydraulic Hose (EH-1)
BH-7512-22Overhead Hydraulic Hose (EH-2)
32BH-7500-22Equalizer Cable
BH-7534-95Equalizer Cable (EH-1)
BH-7534-96Equalizer Cable (EH-2)
34BH-7508-34Overhead Limit Bar
35BH-7503-65OH Limit Switch In Housing (older models)
BH-7503-65Limit Switch Assembly (newer)
36BH-7004-19Microswitch (older models)
BH-7538-54Microswitch (newer models)
37BH-7077-02-2doorjammerPRO protection (pair)
BH-7077-02-2SdoorjammerPRO protection 12" (2)
39BH-7508-45Outer Rear Swing Arm
BH-7528-39Outer Rear Swing Arm
40BH-7503-97Inner Rear Swing Arm Kit
BH-7528-40Inner Rear Swing Arm only (newer)
BH-7545-36Inner Rear Swing Arm Kit (newer)
41BH-7536-96Rubber Pad Adapter Base
BH-7536-92PRubber Pad only
42BH-7536-97Spin-up Adapter w/Pad
43BH-7508-61Rectangular Molded Pad
44BH-7500-94Rectangular Pad Adapter
45BH-9755-20High Step Ductile Iron Adapter
BH-9789-98Rubber Pad Adapter for Flip-Up
46BH-9755-21Low Step Ductile Iron Adapter
47BH-9755-22Adapter Pivot Pin
48BH-9755-26Hog Ring Clip
49BH-7503-85Inner Front Swing Arm
BH-7545-37Inner Front Swing Arm Kit
50BH-7505-15Arm Swivel Pin 7" (older version)
BH-7505-14Arm Swivel Pin 8" (newer version)
51F-CP-187-20003/16" x 2" Cotter Pin
52BH-7508-16A/SA Arm Restraint Gear (Adj. or Super-Adj.)
BH-7508-16Arm Restraint Gear (not adjustable)
53BH-7508-44Front Left Outer Swing Arm
BH-7508-46Front Right Outer Swing Arm
BH-7528-43Front Outer Swing Arm (newer)
54BH-9755-25LAdapter Swivel Pin
KITBH-7508-22Arm Restraint Kit (for 1 arm)

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1BH-7504-51Latch Cover Kit w/ Screws
F-MS-0312-18-03755/16-18 x 3/8 Machine Screw
2-6BH-7503-11Lock Latch Shaft / Spring Kit
7BH-7503-41Latch Cable Adjuster Kit (Includes parts 7, 8 & 17)
8BH-7503-40Latch Control Plate Assembly
9F-LN-0250-201/4-20 Lock Nut
10BH-7503-14Lock Pawl
11F-JN-0375-163/8-16 Jam Nut
12BH-7503-17Lock Release Handle
13BH-7503-45Red Ball
15BH-7510-16Ext. Retaining Ring 5304-37
16BH-7501-26Lock Cable Sheave
17BH-7501-24Locking Latch Release Cable
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