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Rotary SP94 Parts Breakdown

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1BH-7511-06Hydraulic Cylinder & Adapter Kit
2Call For DetailsLeft Hand Column
3BH-7502-12Arm Pin
4BH-7500-49Upper Sheave Assy
BH-7500-50Sheave, Steel
5Call For DetailsRight Hand Column
6BH-7503-48Clevis Pin
7BH-7510-01Slider Block
8BH-9755-26Hog Ring Clip
9BH-9755-22Adapter Pin
10BH-9755-20High Step Ductile Iron Adapter
BH-9789-98Rubber Pad Adapter for Flip-Up
11BH-9755-21Low Step Ductile Iron Adapter
12BH-9755-25LSwivel Pin
13BH-7502-04Sleeve Only
14BH-7510-04Foam Tape
16BH-7510-09Sleeve & Adapter Assy
17BH-7503-02Carriage Latch Kit
18BH-7500-08Equalizer Cable Assy
19BH-7509-84Center Cover Plate Kit (FJ577)
20BH-7512-04Hydraulic Hose
21BH-7510-05RH Piping Assy
22BH-7510-06LH Piping Assy
23BH-7500-65ASheave Pin
24BH-7500-66Sheave Kit
BH-7500-50Sheave, Steel
25BH-7508-11Left Swing Arm
26BH-7508-10Right Swing Arm
27BH-7006A-16Power Unit 2hp, 1ph, 3450 RPM
28BH-7512-52Hydraulic Hose
29Call For DetailsCylinder Adapter Fitting
30BH-7075-03Anchor 3/4" X 5-1/2"
32BH-7503-47Arm Restraint Plunger
33BH-7503-46Arm Restraint Spring
34BH-7503-45Red Ball
36BH-970115" Wide Reach Wheel Spotter
BH-970215" Wide Reach Dual Spotter
KITBH-7504-57Plunger/Spring/Ball KIT
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