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Rotary MPFXE Parts Breakdown

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1BH-7510-70Towing Dolly Assembly
2BH-7510-68Clevis Pin
3 Call For Details Dolly Wheel
4 Call For Details Washer 508 I.D. x 1-1/4" O.D. x.062" thick
5F-CP-125-10001/8"x1" Cotter Pin
6BH-7507-19Release Handle Assembly
7BH-7507-18Locking Leg
8BH-9760-601-1/8" OD x 5/8" ID x Bushing
9BH-7505-02Hydraulic Cylinder
10BH-7510-88Optional Cylinder Cover
12BH-7510-24Standard Base
BH-7511-44Base with Air Line
13BH-7515-55Cylinder Bracket
14BH-7510-25Front Leg Assembly
15BH-7510-84Handle Grip
17BH-7510-30Rear Leg Assembly
18BH-7510-31Leg Hinge Bushing Kit
19BH-7510-23Standard Superstructure "H"
Call For Details Superstructure "H" with air
20BH-7505-93Heat Resistant Pad
21BH-9756-861-1/2" Rubber Block
BH-9756-873" Rubber Block
22BH-7505-37Air Tee Bracket Assembly (for internal air models)
23BH-7505-43Portable Power Unit Stand
24BH-7512-48Female Hydraulic Coupler
25BH-7007-10Power Unit (Electric Version)
26BH-7512-49Air Hose Assembly
27 Call For Details Power Unit (Air Version)
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