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Forward 7000A Parts Breakdown

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1F-RR-1500Snap Ring
2BH-7235-66Cable Sheave 6-1/8"
BH-7235-00Cable Sheave 4-3/4"
4BH-7235-06Equalizer Cable
6BH-7006-01Power Unit
7BH-7235-3164" Hydraulic Hose for Driver Side
8BH-7235-3048" Hydraulic Hose for Pass. Side
9BH-7236-02Hydraulic Cylinder
10BH-7235-34Arm Pin
11BH-7235-27Slider Block
12 Call For Details Front Outer Arm
13BH-7235-90ARubber Pad - standard duty
13BH-7235-90AXRubber Pad - heavy duty
14BH-7089-97Adapter Base and Pad
14BH-7235-90Rubber Pad KIT - standard duty
14BH-7235-90KRubber Pad KIT - heavy duty
18BH-7235-25Plunger Spring for Restraint
20BH-7235-36Arm Restraint Assembly (set of 4)
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