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Forward 12000SWT Parts Breakdown

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1 Call For Details Runway
BH-7238-25Ramp Pin
BH-7238-82Ramp Wheel
BH-7238-97Clip on Approach Ramps
3BH-7238-62Ramp Stop Plate
5BH-7238-50Power Unit Column
7BH-7238-70Crossrail No Parts
9BH-7239-46Wheel Assembly (includes pin)
10BH-7238-40Chain Slider
11F-HC-0750-10-3500Bolt 3/4-10 x 3-1/2"
12BH-7238-21Cross Rail Sheave w/ 3-7/8" Pin
BH-7238-23Cross Rail Sheave w/ 3" Pin
13BH-7238-78Sheave Pin
F-RR-1250Snap Ring 1-1/4" External
F-FW1250-SAE1-1/4" Flatwasher
14F-FW-0750-USS3/4" Flatwasher
15BH-7235-69Lock Nut
16BH-7237-61Hydraulic Hose 119"
17F-FW-0750-USS3/4" Flatwasher
19BH-7238-75Actuator Plate
20F-NL-0312-185/16-18 Nylock Nut
21BH-7006APower Unit
22F-NL-0750-103/4-10 Nylock Jam Nut
23F-A3405-6-6Elbow 9/16" O-Ring to 3/8" JIC
24BH-7238-63Return Hose
26F-RP-250-1500Roll Pin 1/4" x 1-1/2"
27BH-7236-03PCylinder Pin 5-3/4" x 1"
28BH-7236-03Hydraulic Cylinder 3-1/2" x 72"
BH-7235-13Hyd Cylinder Seal Kit 72" Waltco
BH-7235-13CHyd Cylinder Seal Kit 72" Prince
BH-7235-16Hyd Cylinder Seal Kit 72" Holmac
29F-3405-4-4Elbow 1/4 NPT to 1/4 Tube
30F-6-4HBBushing 3/8 NPT to 1/4 NPT
31BH-7238-93Top Rail Latch Pivot Pin
32BH-7237-61Hydraulic Hose 119"
33BH-7238-92Top Rail Wheel
34BH-7238-94Top Rail Chain Connector
35BH-7203-041Top Rail Snap Ring
36BH-7238-90Top Rail Latch Ear
37BH-7237-88Latch Cam
38BH-7238-64Chain Pin
39BH-7075-033/4" x 5-1/2" Wedge Anchor
40BH-7028-01Master Link (634) Cross Rail
Call For Details-01 Master Link (646) Top Rail
41BH-7512-891/4" Shim (50 Pack)
BH-7512-901/16"Shim (50 Pack)
BH-7512-911/8" Shim (50 Pack)
BH-7512-92Shim Assortment (150 Pack)
42F-FW-0750-SAE3/4" Flatwasher
43F-HN-0750-10Hex Nut 3/4-10
44F-HN-0500-13Hex Nut 1/2-13
45BH-7235-61Block Chain Connector
46F-SC-0312-18-1500Socket Head Bolt 5/16" x 1-1/2"
47BH-7238-81Safety Rod
48BH-7238-73Safety Latch Weldment
BH-7238-72Safety Latch Weldment (old style)
49F-HC-0500-13-17501/2-13 x 1-3/4" Hex Head Capscrew
50F-FW-0500-SAE1/2" Flatwasher
51 Call For Details Top Rail Assembly
52 Call For Details Top Rail
53 Call For Details Chain - Short Top Rail
54 Call For Details Chain - Long Top Rail
55BH-7238-96Chain Adj. Stud
56F-FW-1000-SAE1" Flatwasher
57F-NL-1000-14Locknut 1"-14
58BH-7237-28Chain for Rear Post
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