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Challenger X10 Parts Breakdown

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1Call For DetailsPower Column Weld
Call For DetailsIdler Column Weld
2Call For DetailsPower Extension Weld
Call For DetailsIdler Extension Weld
3BH-7234-31Power Lock Cover
BH-7234-32Idler Lock Cover
4Call For DetailsScrew M5 x 10
5Call For DetailsNut M6
6Call For DetailsSpring Washer 6mm
7Call For DetailsWasher 6mm
9BH-7234-24BPulley Axle
10Call For Details"C" Ring 20
11Call For DetailsWasher
12BH-7234-35Lock Pawl
13Call For DetailsSpring Pin 6 x 35
14Call For DetailsBolt M6
15BH-7234-18Lock Release Cam
16BH-7234-38Lock Release Shaft
17BH-7234-39Lock Release Wire Pin
18Call For DetailsNut M10
19BH-7234-34Lock Release Stud
20BH-7234-33Lock Release Knob
21BH-7234-37Lock Release Spring 2
22BH-7234-36Lock Release Spring 1
23Call For DetailsSleeve
24Call For DetailsBolt (Cable Clamp)
25Call For DetailsNut M12
26Call For DetailsSpring Washer 12mm
27Call For DetailsWasher 12mm
28Call For DetailsBolt M12 x 30
29BH-7234-24Lock Release Cable
30Call For DetailsPower Unit
31Call For DetailsNut M8
32Call For DetailsWasher 20mm
33BH-7234-40Synch. Sheave
34Call For DetailsHair Pin Cotter
36Call For DetailsCarriage
37BH-7234-51Slide Block
38BH-7234-26Outer Gear
39BH-7234-27Arm Restraint Spring
40BH-7234-30Spring Pin 4 x 30
41BH-7234-29Spring Pin 4 x 24
42BH-7234-28Arm Restraint Pin
43Call For DetailsBolt M12 x 45
44BH-7234-47Arm Pin
45Call For DetailsDoor Guard
46Call For DetailsWasher 8mm
47Call For DetailsBolt M8x 30
48BH-7234-45Rear Female Arm
49BH-7234-46Rear Male Arm
50BH-7234-50Front Female Arm
51BH-7234-49Front Intermediate Arm
52BH-7234-48Front Male Arm
53BH-7234-25Inner Gear
54Call For DetailsSpring Washer 10mm
55Call For DetailsScrew M10 x 25
56Call For DetailsScrew M10
57Call For DetailsWasher 10mm
59Call For DetailsSnap Ring 45mm
60BH-7234-22Threaded Insert
61Call For DetailsSnap Ring 30mm
62Call For DetailsNut M8
63BH-7234-20Screw Pad
64BH-7232-01Rubber Pad
BH-7232-01-4Rubber Pad Kit (4)
65BH-7234-58Shut Off Bar
66BH-7234-60Overhead Weld
67BH-7229-37Limit Switch
68BH-7234-58FShut Off Bar Cushion
69Call For DetailsLock Nut M10
70BH-7234-16Pulley Bracket (Left)
BH-7234-17Pulley Bracket (Right)
71Call For DetailsBolt M8
72Call For DetailsBolt M8 x 25
73BH-7234-43Middle Spacer Sleeve
74BH-7234-42Spacer Sleeve
75Call For DetailsWasher
77Call For DetailsHose Guide Nut
78BH-7234-56Hose Guide
79Call For DetailsBolt M6 x 20
80BH-7234-57Plate-Shutoff Cord Clamp
81Call For DetailsBolt M5 x 8
Following not pictured:
82BH-7234-23Synchronizing Cable
83Call For DetailsNut M16
84BH-7234-54Idler Column Hose
85Call For DetailsUnion Tee
86BH-7234-55Power Unit Hose
87Call For DetailsO-Ring Elbow
88BH-7234-53Power Column Hose
89Call For DetailsLong Elbow
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