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Challenger CS9200 Parts Breakdown

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1BH-7233-10Arm Assembly
3BH-7233-083/4" Ext. Tooth Lockwasher
4BH-7233-071-1/4" Finishing Plug
5F-HC-0750-10-30003/4-10x3 Hex Head Capscrew
6BH-7233-051-7/8 Snap Ring
7BH-7233-04Arm Pin
8BH-7233-023/8 Self Tapping Bolt
9BH-7233-03Female Arm Assembly
10BH-7233-013/8 Split Lockwasher
11BH-7233-00Male Arm Assembly
12BH-9620-05High Pad
13BH-9620-06Low Pad
14F-RP-125-06251/8 x 5/8 Roll Pin
15BH-9620-03Adapter Pin
16BH-7233-111/2-13x2 Self Tapping Bolt
18BH-7233-13Bearing Ring
19BH-7233-141/8 NPT Grease Fitting
20BH-7233-15Bearing Assembly
21BH-7233-161/4" x 12" Grease Line
22BH-7233-171/4" Push Lock Union Elbow
23BH-7233-181/8NPT x 1/4 Push Lock Elbow
24BH-7233-19Cover Plate
25BH-7233-20Bearing Assembly
26BH-7233-215/16x1 Adhesive Gasket 15 ft.
27BH-7233-22Containment Tub
28BH-7233-232" PVC Grommet
29BH-7233-24Concrete Tie Weld-Short
30BH-7233-25Concrete Tie Weld-Long
31BH-7233-263/4x1 Vinyl Cap
32BH-7233-271/2-13x1 Frame Support Bolt
33BH-7233-281/2" Ext. Tooth Lockwasher
34F-HN-0500-131/2-13 Hex Nut
35BH-7233-30Hydraulic Line Clamp
36BH-7233-31Frame Support Assembly
37BH-7233-32Frame Support
38BH-7233-33Frame Assembly
39BH-7233-34Lock Ladder Assembly
40BH-7233-35Ladder Rail
41BH-7233-367/8-9x3 Lock Ladder Bolt
42BH-7233-377/8 Ext. Tooth Lockwasher
43F-HN-0875-097/8-9 Hex Nut
44BH-7233-391/2-13x2-1/2 Ladder Rail Bolt
46BH-7233-413/4 Split Lockwasher
47F-SC-0750-10-30003/4-10x3 Capscrew
48BH-7233-432x68 Hydraulic Cylinder
49BH-7233-44Cylinder Sleeve
50BH-7233-45Synchronizing Rail Assembly
51BH-7233-46Cylinder Capture Plate
52BH-7233-473/8" Ext. Tooth Lockwasher
53F-HC-0375-16-0750 3/8-16x34 Capscrew
54BH-7233-49Cylinder Hose - Long
---BH-7233-49AFor replacing steel hyd. line: Cassette Hose and Fitting KIT
55BH-7233-50Cylinder Hose - Short
56BH-7233-51Hydraulic Feed Line
58BH-7226-83Union Tee for Steel Hyd. Line
59BH-7228-459/19 SAE Connector
60BH-7233-53Coiled Air Line
61BH-7233-543/4 x 1-1/2 Air Cylinder
62F-JN-0250-281/4-28 Jam Nut
63BH-7233-55Air Cylinder Clevis
64F-RP-0250-15001/4x1-1/2 Roll Pin
65BH-7233-58Locking Pawl
66BH-7233-591/4-20 Nylon Locknut
67F-HC-0250-20-42501/4-20x4-1/4 Capscrew
68BH-7233-611x3-1/2 Shoulder Bolt
69BH-7233-621" Flat Washer
70BH-7233-633/4-10 Nylon Locknut
71BH-7233-64Synchronizing Rail Assembly

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