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Challenger CL9 Parts Breakdown

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1BH-7006-01Power Unit, 2HP, 1PH, 3.5 Gal.
2BH-7232-17HDA-P  Screw Adapter Base & Pad
3BH-7232-00Slip On Height Extension 6"
BH-7231-99Slip On Height Extension 10"
BH-7231-98Adjustable Height Ext. 6" to 9-1/2"
BH-7231-95Height Ext. Hangers (holds 2)
4BH-7232-16Rear Male Arm Assembly
5BH-7232-15Front Male Arm Assembly
6BH-7232-14Rear Female Arm Assembly
7BH-7232-13Front Female Arm Assembly
8BH-7232-12Arm Pin Assembly
9BH-7232-10Carriage Assembly
10BH-7232-11Slide Block
11BH-7232-09Sheave Pin
12BH-7232-08Cable Pulley
13BH-7232-07Overhead Assembly - End Section
14BH-7232-06Overhead Assembly - Mid Section
15BH-7232-05Column Extension Assembly
16BH-7232-04Locking Pawl
17BH-7232-02Power Column Assembly
BH-7226-62Cylinder Seal Kit
19BH-7232-01Rubber Pad
BH-7232-01-4Rubber Pad (Set of 4)
20BH-7232-19EArm Restraint Shaft Assy. Kit (without half-moon gear)
BH-7232-19KITArm Restraint Kit (One Arm)
BH-7232-19Outer Engage Gear
BH-7232-19AInner Half Moon Gear
21BH-7232-03Idler Column Assembly
22BH-7226-99Overhead Shutoff Bar Assembly
23BH-7229-37Mercury Limit Switch
24BH-7232-20Equalizer Cable

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