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Challenger 70000 Parts Breakdown

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1BH-7227-94Shut Off Bar Assembly (70000)
BH-7227-97DShut Off Bar Assembly (71000)
2BH-7225-68Cushion 1/2 Shut Off Bar
3BH-7230-70Overhead Shut Off Bar (70000)
BH-7227-97EOverhead Shut Off Bar (71000)
4BH-7227-87Overhead Support, Power Side
5BH-7227-88Overhead Support, Idler Side
6BH-7229-37Mercury Limit Switch w/ 21' Cord
7BH-7230-71Shut Off Bar Mount
8BH-7226-97Switch Tube
9BH-7230-721" Retaining Ring
10BH-7227-86Overhead Shaft
11BH-7229-361" I.D. Spacer
12BH-7229-34Pulley/Sheave Assembly
13BH-7230-73Overhead U-Bolt
14BH-7227-93Overhead Weldment (70000)
BH-7227-95Overhead Weldment (71000)
15BH-7227-92Eq. Cable 33'-3" After S/N 700707
BH-7227-97FEq. Cable 32'3" (71000)
16BH-7229-34Pulley Sheave Assembly
17BH-7229-361" I.D. Spacer
18BH-7230-721" Retaining Ring
40BH-7228-73Lock Release Air Valve Switch
41BH-7229-87Valve Bracket
42BH-7228-7890 Elbow
43BH-7229-8890 Elbow
44BH-7229-893/8" Hose Barb
45BH-7229-90Air Line
46BH-7229-31Lock Pawl
BH-7230-69Air Cylinder Clevis 70000 & 71000
48BH-7229-70Lock Cover (Snap On)
BH-7227-55Cover (Bolt On)
49BH-7229-53Swivel Elbow
50BH-7229-54Speed Nut
51BH-7229-55Pivot Rod Element
52BH-7228-77Union Tee 1/8 Tube
53BH-7229-29Air Cylinder

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