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Challenger 36000 Parts Breakdown

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1BH-7226-99Overhead Shutoff Bar Assembly
2BH-7229-361" Washer
3BH-7229-80Clip Angle
4BH-7226-97Switch Tube
5BH-7225-68Cushion 1/2 Shutoff Bar
6BH-7229-81Sheave Pin
7BH-7229-37Mercury Limit Switch - 21' Cord
8BH-7229-35Spacer 7/8"
9BH-7229-34Pulley/Sheave Assembly
10BH-7227-05Long Spacer
11BH-7226-70Overhead Crossbeam
12BH-7229-30Eq. Cable 33' 10"
13F-HN-0250-20Push Nut 1/4"
14BH-7231-21Hydraulic Cylinder
15BH-7228-45Union O-Ring x Tube
16BH-7229-82Hydraulic Line
17BH-7229-61Straight Union
18BH-7229-83Hydraulic Line - Overhead
19BH-7227-459/16 Swivel Elbow
20BH-7226-83Union Tee Parker
21BH-7229-68Hydraulic Line (Barnes)
BH-7229-84Hydraulic Line (Fenner)
22F-A3405-6-690 Elbow
23BH-7006-012HP 1PH 3.5 Gal. Power Unit
BH-7006-032HP 3PH 3.5 Gal. Power Unit
24BH-7225-01Rubber Pads
BH-7225-01-4Arm Pad Kit (4 pads for 1 lift)
25BH-7225-03Adapter 3-1/2" w/Rubber Pad
26F-HN-0250-20Push Nut 1/4"
27BH-7226-25Arm Restraint Kit w/Hardware
27aBH-7226-57Arm Restraint Kit - Complete Lift
28BH-7229-62Link Weldment
29BH-7229-40Arm Restraint Insert
31BH-7229-41Sleeve Weldment
32BH-7225-15Arm Pin 1-1/2" x 6"
BH-7225-15AArm Pin - Call with Size
BH-7225-15BArm Pin - Call with Size
BH-7225-15CArm Pin - Call with Size
33F-HC-0375-16-0750Ext. Stop Bolts 3/8-16 x 3/4
34BH-7227-56Arm Inner Rear for 36000 & 37000
BH-7226-69CArm Inner Rear for 39000
35BH-7226-69Female Arm Outer-Rear Assy for 36000, 37000, and 39000
36BH-7227-58Arm Inner Front for 36000 & 37000
BH-7226-69BArm Inner Front for 39000
37BH-7228-76Arm Outer LF for 36000, 37000 & 39000
BH-7228-76AArm Outer RF for 36000, 37000 & 39000
38BH-7227-64Carriage 3" Lock Intervals for 36000 and 37000
BH-7227-79Carriage 3" Lock Intervals for 39000
38aBH-7229-85Carriage 6" Lock Intervals for 36000 and 37000
BH-7229-86Carriage 6" Lock Intervals for 39000
39BH-7225-23Slotted Slider Block
BH-7226-63Solid Slider Block
BH-7225-23OSOversize Slotted Slider Blocks
BH-7226-64Oversize Solid Slider Blocks
54F-HN-0250-20Push Nut 1/4-20
55BH-7229-32Pulley Bracket
57BH-7229-21Pulley Housing
58F-HC-0250-20-1000Hex Bolt 1/4-20 x 1
59BH-7229-26Self Tapping Bolt
60BH-7225-38Lock Release Cable
61BH-7229-19Pivot Link
62BH-7229-24Lock Cover (Screw On)
63BH-7229-25Push Nut 1/4"
64BH-7225-50Pivot Rod
65F-NL-0250-20Lock Nut 1/4-20
66BH-7229-28Compression Spring
68F-HC-0250-20-0750 Adjusting Bolt
69F-HC-0250-20-1000 Hex Bolt 1/4-20 x1
70BH-7225-44Handle Assembly

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