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Challenger 24012 Parts Breakdown

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1Call For DetailsRH Platform Weldment (24012AR)
Call For DetailsRH Platform Weldment (24012)
2Call For DetailsLH Platform Weldment (24012AR)
Call For DetailsLH Platform Weldment (24012)
3Call For DetailsPost Weldment, Power Unit
4Call For DetailsPost Weldment, Standard
5Call For DetailsPost Weldment
6Call For DetailsRamp Assembly
7Call For DetailsFront Stop Weldment
8Call For DetailsFront Stop Pin
9Call For DetailsCrossbeam Weldment
10Call For DetailsLatch Weldment
11Call For DetailsOverhead Beam Weldment
12Call For DetailsSlide Step Weldment (24012AR Only)
13BH-7006-05Power Unit
14F-NL-0312-185/16-18 Nylon Locknut
15F-HC-0312-18-1000 5/16 x 1 Hex Head Bolt
16F-A3405-6-690 Elbow, #6MO x #6MJ
17F-FW-0312-SAE5/16" Flatwasher
18F-CP-250-15001/4" x 1-1/2 Cotter Pin
19BH-7230-21Cylinder Mount Pin
20Call For Details4-Post Cylinder
21Call For Details3/8" Hose Assembly, 110.5" Long
22Call For Details5/16" 0 2-1/2" Dowell Pin
23F-RR-13751-3/8" Ext. Retainer Ring
24BH-7230-2697" 6x6 Chain
25BH-7230-29Chain Roller, 3-3/4" Dia.
26Call For DetailsBearing for Sheave
27Call For DetailsSlip Plate Weldment (24012AR Only)
28BA-1200-041" Steel Balls (24012AR Only)
29Call For DetailsBall Locator Weldment (24012AR Only)
30BH-7233-83206" 3x4 Chain
31BH-7233-823/4" 3x4 Master Link
32F-CP-125-15001/8" x 1-1/2" Cotter Pin
33BH-7230-18Threaded End
34F-FW-1000-SAE 1" Flat Washer
35BH-7230-111"-14 Lock Nut
36BH-7230-103/4"-10 Hex Nut
37BH-7230-19Safety Rod
38F-FW-0750-SAE 3/4" Flat Washer
39BH-7230-23Actuator Plate
41BH-7230-30Chain Roller, 2-3/8" Dia.
42Call For DetailsBearing for Sheave
43F-RR-07503/4" Ext. Retainer Ring
44BH-7074-96Anchor Bolt Assembly
45Call For DetailsRamp Mount Pin
47F-JN-0500-201/2-20 Jam Nut
48Call For DetailsAnti-Sway Assembly
49F-CP-125-07501/8" x 3/4" Cotter Pin
50F-CV-312-12505/16" x 1-1/4" Clevis Pin
51Call For DetailsChain Roller Pin
52Call For DetailsLatch Pin
53BH-7230-24Lock Block
54F-LN-0250-201/4-20 Lock Nut
55BH-7233-81Shoulder Bolt
56F-HC-0500-13-2000 1/2-13 x 2 Hex Head Bolt
57F-FW-0500-SAE 1/2" Flat Washer
58F-LW-05001/2" Lock Washer
59BH-7230-091/2"-13 Hex Nut
60Call For DetailsChain Roller Pin
61F-RR-07503/4" Ext. Retainer Ring
62Call For Details12" Cable
63BH-7230-17Cable Sleeve
64Call For DetailsL-Pin
65BH-7230-95Latch Release Weldment
66F-FW-0750-SAE 3/4" Flat Washer
67Call For DetailsLatch Plate
68Call For Details3/4-10 Center Lock
69F-CP-125-15001/8" x 1-1/2" Cotter Pin
70Call For DetailsLeg Pin
71Call For DetailsLeg Base Weldment
72F-JN-0750-103/4-10 Jam Nut
73F-HC-0750-10-4000 3/4-10 x 4 Bolt
74Call For DetailsLeveling Leg Weldment
76BH-7230-163/4" Chrome Balls
77BH-7230-123/4-16 Nylon Lock Nut
78Call For DetailsLock Pin
79BH-7230-22Wheel Assembly
80BH-7230-25261" 6x6 Chain

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