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BISHAMON SP7 Parts Breakdown

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1BH-7205Rubber Arm Pad
2BH-7205-01Round Head Screw
3BH-7205-02Pick Up Pad Assembly
4BH-7205-06Short Slide Arm
4BH-7205-08Long Slide Arm
5BH-7205-11AShort Lift Arm (Right)
5BH-7205-09AShort Lift Arm (Left)
5BH-7202-32ALong Lift Arm (Right)
5BH-7205-10ALong Lift Arm (Left)
6BH-7200-10ASwing Arm Lock Assy. 12-5/8"
6BH-7202-30Arm Restraint Assy. Short 10-5/8"
7BH-7201-12Lift Arm Pin
8BH-7201-81Truck Height Adapter
9BH-7201-60Slave Post Cover
10BH-7201-82Safety Bar
11BH-7201-83Safety Bar Stop
12BH-7202-00Chain Wheel B Assy.
13BH-7201-00AChain Wheel Shaft Assy.
14BH-7201-02Carriage Chain Plate
15BH-7201-03Chain Fitting Pin
16BH-7201-84Sub Chain Wheel Assembly
17BH-7201-85Base (GP, SP)
18BH-7201-86Drive Post Cover
19F-RR-1562Retaining Ring 1-9/16"
20BH-7006-01Single Phase Power Unit
21 Call For Details Leaf Chain-Verify Type
22BH-7202-25Chain Adjuster
23BH-7030-01Connecting Link

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1BH-7215-11Cylinder Seal Kit Bolted Mounting Bracket
1BH-7214-20Cylinder Seal Kit Welded Mounting Bracket
2F-RR-11871-3/16" Snap Ring
3BH-7031Leaf Chain 57 Pitches
4BH-7201-27Chain Wheel A Assembly
5BH-7201-28Chain Wheel Shaft
6BH-7201-29Chain Bracket/Yoke
7BH-7201-25Post Chain Plate
8BH-7201-03Chain Fitting Pin
9BH-7202-34Chain Pin
10BH-7201-02Carriage Chain Plate
11BH-7030Leaf Chain
12BH-7201-80Guide Roller Assembly
13BH-7201-95Side Roller Collar
15BH-7201-00Side Roller
16F-RP-187-1125Roll Pin
17BH-7201-97Side Roller Shaft
18BH-7201-98Motor Side Carriage
19BH-7201-99Hook Shaft Assembly 7/8"
19BH-7201-99AHook Shaft Assembly 1"
20BH-7201-46Hook Shaft Collar
22BH-7202-35Safety Cam
23F-RP-250-1250Roll Pin
24BH-7201-41Door Bumper
25BH-7201-43Door Bumper Plate
26BH-7201-51Catch Gear
27BH-7201-52Catch Gear Spring
28BH-7201-56Slave Door Bumper
29 Call For Details Slave Side Carriage
30BH-7202-33Catch Gear Shaft
31F-RR-1000Retaining Ring
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