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BENWIL TP-9 Parts Breakdown

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1 BH-7209-36 00067780 Arm Pin
2 BH-7209-10 00067680 Arm Restraint Assembly
3 BH-7214-02 50509901 Rubber Arm Pad (small)
4 Call For Details 00067700 Adapters
5 BH-7209-09 00067800 Left Lift Arm
5A BH-7209-08 00067720 Right Lift Arm
6 BH-7209-07 00067740 Inner Slide Arm (Right & Left)
7 BH-7209-34 00041371 Chain Wheel
8 BH-7209-35 00067920 Chain Wheel Shaft
9 BH-7209-37 10282360 Lower Pulley Collar
10 BH-7200-63 00043501 Control Shaft
10 BH-7200-75 10161831 Control Shaft Collar
10 BH-7200-74 10161852 Control Lever
10 BH-7209-38 10181022 Crank Pin
11 BH-7203-116 50561801 Vinyl Grip
12 BH-7032 80835427 Leaf Chain
13 BH-7209-39 80839331 Cotter Pin
14 BH-7209-40 00067880 Chain Rod
15 BH-7209-41 10281780 Chain Wheel
16 BH-7209-42 81705030 Oilite Bearing
17 BH-7039 80837049 Leaf Chain
18 BH-7201-80 00043161 Guide Roller Assembly
19 BH-7209-45 10281800 Chain Wheel Shaft
20 BH-7209-46 00067620 Chain Bracket/Yoke
21 BH-7209-47 90960816 Socket Head Capscrew
22 BH-7209-48 80845022 Snap Ring
23 BH-7209-49 10166301 Chain Fitting Plate
24 BH-7209-50 80839700 Offset Link Pin
25 BH-7209-51 90973017 Cotter Pin
26 BH-7209-52 00097200 Cylinder Assembly
27 BH-7204-100 00068040 Cylinder Seal Kit

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1BH-7214-02Rubber Arm Pad (Square)
2BH-7209-02Round Head Small Screw
3BH-7209-03AScrew Up Adapter Only
4BH-7209-03Adjust Nut w/Screw Up Adapter
5BH-7209-05Adapter Adjuster Stopper
6BH-7209-06Serrated Washer
7BH-7204-005Flat Head Small Screw
8BH-7209-07Slide Arm for TP-9
9BH-7209-08Right Lift Arm
9BH-7209-09Left Lift Arm
10BH-7209-10Arm Restraint Assembly
11BH-7209-11Hex Bolt
12BH-7203-343Spring Washer
13BH-7209-12Guide Roller Assembly
14BH-7203-041Snap Ring
15BH-7209-13Side Roller
16BH-7209-14Power Post Safety Device Assembly
16BH-7209-15Slave Post Safety Device Assembly
17BH-7209-16Power Post Carriage
17BH-7209-17Slave Post Carriage
18BH-7209-18Power Post Cover
18BH-7209-19Slave Post Cover
19BH-7209-20Rubber Car Door Bumper
20BH-7209-21Power Post Safety Arm
21BH-7209-22Power Post Safety Bolt
23BH-7209-24Power Post Safety Bracket
24BH-7209-25Power Post Hook Cover Spring
25BH-7201-42Spring Washer
26BH-7209-26Round Head Small Screw
27BH-7209-27Power Post Safety Shaft
28BH-7214-01Return Spring
29BH-7209-29Slave Post Left Safety Arm
30BH-7209-30Return Spring
31BH-7209-31Slave Post Right Safety Arm
33F-CV-312-1750 Lock Fitting Pin
34F-HN-0250-11Hex Nut
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