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BENWIL GPOA-8H Parts Breakdown

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1 Call for Details RH Column
2 Call for Details LH Column
3BH-7209-55Overhead Beam
12BH-7211-01Pin Arm
13BH-7211-02Snap Ring
14BH-7202-70Bumper Door
15BH-7224-131Anchor Bolt Assembly
16BH-7208-56Pulley Lock Release
26BH-7210-75Cable Assy.-Latch Rel. System
27BH-7208-74Cable Assembly-Synchronized
32 Call for Details Rear Arm Extension
33 Call for Details Front Arm Extension
34 Call for Details Front Arm-RH
35 Call for Details Front Arm-LH
36 Call for Details Rear Arm-RH
37 Call for Details Rear Arm-LH
40BH-7208-71Cable Assy.-Synchronized
41F-HN-0500-201/2"-20 UNF Hex Head Nut
42F-JN-0500-201/2"-20 UNF Hex Head Jam Nut
44FBH-7006-01Elec. Hyd. Pump (1PH)
44GBH-7006-03Elec. Hyd. Pump (3PH)
44HBH-7211-54LH Carriage
44IBH-7211-52RH Carriage
45 Call for Details RH Column
46BH-7208-96Hyd. Cylinder
46BH-7211-81Seal Kit
47BH-7224-131Anchor Bolt Assy.
49BH-7209-88Axle Lower Pulley
50BH-7208-43Rel. Assy. Latch
51BH-7208-55Handle Latch Act.
52BH-7224-215Cover Handle
53BH-7202-93Spring Safety Lock
55BH-7208-52Cover RH Column
56F-RP-156-1500 5/32"x1-1/2" Roll Pin
58F-MS-0010-24-0312 10-24x5/16" Phil. Panhd. Screw
59F-HC-0250-20-0375 1/4"-20x3/8" Hex Head Bolt
60F-LW-02501/4" Split Lock Washer
61F-MS-0010-24-0500 10-24x1/2" Phil. Panhd. Screw
62F-RP-01873/16"x1/2" Roll Pin
63F-HC-0312-18-0625 5/16"-18x5/8" Hex Head Bolt
64F-HC-0312-18-1000 5/16"-18x1" Hex Head Bolt
65F-LW 03125/16" Split Lock Washer
66F-HN-0312-185/16"-18 Hex Head Nut
67F-HC-0010-24-1000 10-24x1" Hex Head Bolt
68F-LN-0010-2410-24 Hex Head Lock Nut
69F-FW-01873/16" Flat Washer (USS or
70BH-7210-73Spacer Cable Conn.
71BH-7210-83Brkt.-Trk. Adpt *
72F-HC-0250-20-0375 1/4-20x3/8" Hex Head Bolt *
73F-LW-02501/4" Split Lock Washer *
82 Call for Details LH Column
83BH-7208-96Hyd. Cylinder
83BH-7211-81Seal Kit
84BH-7224-131Anchor Bolt Assy.
86BH-7209-88Axle Lower Pulley
87BH-7208-43Rel. Assy. Latch
88BH-7210-72Lever Latch Actuator
89BH-7213-87Spring Lock Release
90BH-7202-93Spring Safety Lock
92BH-7210-90Cover LH Column
93BH-7208-56Pulley Lock Release
94BH-7208-57Steel Insert Pulley
95F-RP-156-1500 5/32"x1-1/2" Roll Pin
96BH-7211-32Clamp Cable
97F-MS-0010-24-031210-24x5/16" Phil. Panhd. Screw
98F-HC-0250-20-03751/4"-20x3/8" Hex Head Bolt
99F-LW-02501/4" Split Lock Washer
100F-MS-0010-24-050010-24x1/2" Phil. Panhd. Screw
101BH-7210-73Spacer-Cable Conn.
102F-HC-0250-20-1250 1/4"-20x1-1/4" Hex Head Bolt (Gr. 5)
103F-HN-0250-201/4"-20 Hex Head Nut
104F-FW-0250-USS 1/4" Flat Washer (USS)
105F-HC-0010-24-100010-24x1" Hex Head Bolt
106F-LN-0010-2410-24 Hex Head Lock Nut
107F-FW-01873/16" Flat Washer
108BH-7210-83Bracket-Trk. Adapter
109 F-HC-0250-20-0375 1/4"-20x3/8" Hex Head Bolt
110F-LW-02501/4" Split Lock Washer *
111BH-7224-217Poly. Strip
121BH-7209-55Overhead Beam
125BH-7210-15Foam Tubing
126BH-7208-54Switch Assy.-Limit
128BH-7210-39Axle Upper Pulley
129BH-7208-56Pulley Lock Rel.
130BH-7208-57Steel Insert Pulley
131F-HC-0250-20-0375 1/4"-20x3/8" Hex Head Bolt
132F-LW-02501/4" Split Lock Washer
133F-HC-0250-20-1250 1/4"-20x1-1/4" Hex Head Bolt (Gr. 5)
134F-HN-0250-201/4"-20 Hex Head Nut
135F-FW-0250-USS 1/4" Flat Washer (USS)
136F-FW-0750-SAE 3/4" Flat Washer (SAE) 9/64
137F-HC-0437-14-1250 7/16"-14x1-1/4" Hex Head Bolt
138F-HN-0437-147/16"-14 Hex Head Nut
139F-LW-04377/16" Split Lock Washer
140F-CP-125-10001/8"x1" Cotter Pin
141F-HC-0010-24-1000 10-24x1" Hex Head Bolt
142F-HN-0010-2410-24 Hex Head Nut
143BH-7211-32Cable Clamp
144F-FW-01873/16" Flat Washer (USS or SAE)
145BH-7210-80Ext. Assy.-Column
147BH-7209-87Enclosure Switch
162BH-7211-54Carriage LH
163BH-7211-52Carriage RH
177BH-7208-01Supt. Tube Lock Bar
180BH-7208-02Restraint Pin Arm
181BH-7208-28Rest. Bar Rear Arm
182BH-7208-06Clevis Pin
183F-RP-125-07501/8"x3/4" Roll Pin
184F-RP-187-11253/16"x1-1/8" Roll Pin
185F-HC-0375-16-5500 3/8"-16x5-1/2" Hex Head Bolt
186F-LN-0375-163/8"-16 Nylon Lock Nut
187BH-7208-08Spring Arm Lock
188BH-7208-05Snap Ring
189F-CP-125-10001/8"x1" Cotter Pin
190BH-7208-58Arm Restraint Bar
191BH-7208-36Arm Lock Rel. Knob
192BH-7208-33Arm Release Rod
193BH-7208-35Coupling Nut
194BH-7208-67Arm Restraint Rel. Bar
207BH-7211-01Pin Arm
208BH-7211-02Snap Ring
209F-HC-0312-18-0500 5/16"-18x1/2" Hex Head Bolt
210F-HC-0375-16-0500 3/8"-16x1/2" Hex Head Bolt
211F-FW-03753/8" Flat Washer (1/32)
218 Call for Details Rear Arm Ext.
219 Call for Details Front Arm Ext.
220 Call for Details Front Arm-RH
221 Call for Details Front Arm-LH
222 Call for Details Rear Arm-RH
223 Call for Details Rear Arm-LH
230BH-7205-4Set of 4 Pads w/16 Screw
230BH-7208-66BPick Up Pad Assembly
230BH-7207-01Adpt. Assy.-Truck
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