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BENWIL BW-9 Parts Breakdown

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3F-CP-125-08751/8" x 7/8" Cotter Pin
4BH-7210-52Pin, Chain Anchor
5BH-7207-71Pin, Clevis
8BH-7208-47Shaft Assy.-Drive Side
9BH-7210-57Shaft Assy.-Driven Side
10F-LW-02501/4" Split Lock Washer
11F-HC-0250-20-03751/4"-20 x 3/8" Hex Bolt
12BH-7224-131Anchor Bolt Assembly
13BH-7211-01Pin-Arm Fnt./Rear
14BH-7211-02Snap Ring
15BH-7207-63Arm Weld-Rear (LH)
16BH-7207-03Arm-Weld Ext.-Rear
17BH-7207-64Arm Weld-Rear (RH)
18BH-7224-180Arm Weld-Asym.Frnt. (LH)
19BH-7211-11Arm Weld Ext.-Frnt.
20BH-7224-181Arm Weld-Asym. Frnt. (RH)
21BH-7224-182Floor Plate
22BH-7208-95Leaf Chain-447 Links
23BH-7202-70Bumper Door
25F-HN-0625-185/8"-18 Hex Nut
26F-JN-0625-185/8"-18 Hex Jam Nut
27BH-7224-143Chain Cvr. Drive-Side
28BH-7207-61Chain Cvr. Driven-Side
29F-HC-0375-16-0750 3/8"-16 x 3/4" Hex Bolt
30F-LW-03753/8" Split Lock Washer
31F-MS-0010-32-050010-32 x 1/2"Phil. Hd. Screw
32F-HC-0500-13-25001/2"-13 x 2-1/2" Hex Bolt
33F-HN-0500-131/2"-13 Hex Nut
34BH-7202-95Rod Assy.-Restraint
35BH-7224-183Hydraulic Cylinder
35BH-7224-206Use for BW-9L
36BH-7224-184Column-Drive Side
37BH-7224-185Column-Driven Side
38F-LW-05001/2" Split Lock Washer
39BH-7224-186Upper Sheave Bracket
40F-HC-0375-16-1000 3/8"-16 x 1" Hex Head Bolt
40AF-HN-0375-163/8"-16 Hex Head Nut
40BF-LW-03753/8" Spring Lock Washer
41BH-7224-187Column-Drive Side
42BH-7224-188Hyd. Cyl.
44BH-7202-90Channel-Lock Rel.
45F-RP-0187-04373/16" x 7/16" Roll Pin
46 BH-7202-98 Rod-Lock Release
47 BH-7208-36 Knob
48 F-RP-156-0750 5/32" x 3/4" Roll Pin
49 BH-7208-64 Angle-Lock Rel.
50 BH-7208-09 Spring-Lock Rel.
51 F-HN-0375-16 Hex Nut
52 BH-7208-21 Link-Lock Rel.
53 F-MS-0010-32-0750 10-32 x 3/4" Phil. Panhd. Screw
54 F-MS-0010-32-1000 10-32 x 1" Phil. Panhd. Screw
55 F-FW-0187-SAE 3/16" Flat Washer
56 F-NL-0010-32 Nylon Insert Lock Nut
57 F-MS-0250-20-0375 1/4"-20 x 3/8" Phil Panhd. Screw
58 F-FW-0250-SAE 1/4" Flatwasher
59 BH-7202-99 Link-Lock Rel.
71 BH-7224-190  Carr. Weld-Drive Side
72 BH-7210-56  Chain Anchor
73 BH-7208-38  Roller Assembly-Side
74 BH-7208-37  Roller-Flange
75 BH-7202-005 Thrust Washer
76 BH-7202-006  Snap Ring
77F-SB-0625-11-15005/8" x 1-1/2" Socket Shoulder Screw
78F-RP-156-15005/32" x 1-1/2" Roll Pin
79BH-7202-93300269 Spring-Safety Lock
80BH-7202-91Pin Assembly
82 Call for Details 5/8" x 1-1/4" Machine Bushing
83F-NL-0500-131/2"-13 Insert Lock Nut
84F-FW-0500-USS1/2"    Flat Washer
91BH-7224-192Carriage Weld-Driven
93BH-7208-38Roller Assembly Side
95BH-7202-005Thrust Washer
96BH-7202-006300218-8 Snap Ring
97F-SB-0625-11-1500 5/8" x 1-1/2" Socket Shoulder Screw
98F-HN-0625-18Hex Nut
99F-JN-0625-18Jam Nut
100BH-7202-96Lk. Weld-Loose Chain
101BH-7202-97Spr.-Loose Chain Lk.
102BH-7207-69Pin-Loose Chain
103BH-7210-47Snap Ring
104F-NL-0500-131/2"-13 Nylon Insert Lock Nut
105 Call for Details 5/8" x 1-1/4" Machine Bushing
106F-FW-0500-SAE 1/2" Flat Washer
101BH-7208-01Supt. Tube-Lock Bar
102BH-7208-27Link Arm Restraint
103BH-7208-23Rest. Bar-Front Arm
104BH-7208-02Rest. Pin-Arm
105BH-7208-28Rest. Bar-Rear Arm
106BH-7208-06Clevis Pin
107F-RP-125-07501/8"x3/4" Roll Pin
108F-RP-187-11253/16"x1-1/8" Roll Pin
109F-HC-0375-16-85003/8"-16x8-1/2" Hex Bolt
110F-JN-0375-163/8"-16 Jam Nut
111BH-7208-08Spring-Arm Lock
112BH-7208-05Snap Ring
113F-CP-125-10001/8" x 1" Cotter Pin
114BH-7208-00Set of 4 Arm Restraint Assy.
122BH-7211-02Snap Ring
123BH-7224-180Arm Weld-Asym. Front (LH)
124BH-7211-01Arm Ext. Weld-Front
125BH-7224-181Arm Weld-Asym. Front (RH)
126BH-7207-63Arm Weld-Rear (LH)
127BH-7207-03Arm Ext. Weld-Rear
128BH-7207-64Arm-Weld-Rear (RH)
129F-HC-0312-18-05005/16"-18x1/2" Hex Bolt
130 Call for Details 3/8" x 1/32" Aluminum Washer
131F-HC-0375-16-0500 3/8"-16x1/2" Hex Bolt
132BH-7208-66BLift Adapter Assembly
133BH-7205Rubber Pad
135BH-7207-01Height Extension, OE Style
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