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AMMCO BEN PEARSON TPA Series Parts Breakdown

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1BH-7111-19Bolster Support Structure
2BH-7111-18Idler Support Structure
3BH-7111-17Trough Structure
4BH-7111-16Cover Bottom Idler
5BH-7111-15Cover Drive Over
6BH-7111-14Support Struct Top Idler
7BH-7110-33RH Angle Support
8BH-7110-40LH Angle Support
9BH-7110-42Tubing Bumper
10BH-7110-41Pipe Bumper
11BH-7004-19Micro Switch
12BH-7111-13Angle Switch Support
13BH-7111-12Cable Support Strap
14BH-7111-11Channel Cross Over
15BH-7100-10Cable Assy
16BH-7100-01Cable Assy
17BH-7111-10Pin Top Idler
18BH-7111-09Channel Structure
21BH-7111-07Carriage Assy
22BH-7111-06Cylinder End Structure
23BH-7111-78Roller Assy
24BH-7100-61Hydraulic Cylinder All 5 Models
24BH-7100-63Hydraulic Cylinder All 7 Models
25BH-7100-00CRetaining Ring
26BH-7100-00BSheave Pin
27BH-7111-05Idler Support Struct
28BH-7100-00Cable Sheave
29BH-7006-01Power Unit 1PH, 2HP
30BH-7512-92Shim Kit 150 pcs, 3 sizes
31BH-7075-033/4 x 5-1/2 Wedge Anchor
32BH-7111-04Post Structure
BH-7111-07Carriage Assy (#'s 33-48)
33BH-7111-48Carriage Structure
34BH-7110-03Carriage Roller
35BH-7111-49Retaining Ring 1-3/8
36BH-7102-47Latch Assembly
37BH-7102-48Cam Structure
38BH-7111-50Pivot Latch Shaft
39BH-7100-90Torsion Spring
40BH-7100-85Retaining Ring 1/2
42BH-7101-24Latch Structure
43BH-7111-51Latch Pin
44BH-7100-86Retaining Ring 3/8
45BH-7111-52Bumper Pad
46BH-7606-20Carriage Roller Bearing
47F-RP-437-2000Roll Pin
49BH-7100-01Cable Assy (Floor)
49BH-7100-06Cable Assy (Overhead)
51BH-7111-20LH Track Structure
52BH-7111-21RH Track Structure
53BH-7111-22Cover Structure Slip Plate
54BH-7107-01Slip Plate Retainer Sheet
55BH-7107-02Ball Bearing - Retainer
56F-LN-0500-131/2-13 Lock Nut
57BH-7111-24Pin Chain
58BH-7111-25Leg Structure 30 Long
58BH-7111-26Leg Structure 24 Long
59BH-7101-07Pull Pin
60BH-7101-08Compression Spring
62BH-7111-27Front Stop & Chock Structure
63BH-7111-28Plate Stand
64BH-7111-29Ramp Structure
66BH-7111-31Pin Roller
112BH-7101-12Tube Spacer
BH-7111-33Turntable Mounting Pkg Ammco/FMC/Hunter/Bee Line
68BH-7111-38Spacer Structure / Ammco ...
69BH-7111-40Adjusting Bar 1/2 / Ammco ...
BH-7111-34Turntable Mounting Pkg/Bear
70BH-7111-39Spacer Structure / Bear
69BH-7111-41Adjusting Bar 1/2 / Bear
71BH-7111-42Adjusting Bar 1/8 / Bear
BH-7111-35Turntable Mounting Pkg / Bender
69BH-7111-43Adjusting Bar 1/2 / JH Bender
71BH-7111-44Adjusitng Bar 1/4 / JH Bender
BH-7111-36Turntable Mounting Pk/Bishamon
70BH-7111-39Spacer Structure / Bishamon
71BH-7111-45Adjusting Bar 1/4 / Bishamon
BH-7111-37Turntable Mounting Pkg Snap on
69BH-7111-46Adjusting Bar 1/2 Snap-On
71BH-7111-47Adjusting Bar 1/4 Snap-On
72BH-7102-92Female Adapter
73BH-7111-64Pipe Nipple 1/4 x 5
74BH-7102-9390 Elbow
75BH-7101-61Dry Pressure Gauge
76BH-7111-65Coupling (MTE Only)
77BH-7110-6390 Male Elbow
78BH-7111-66Tube Assy Upper 1/2 OD
79BH-7111-67Tube Assy Lower 1/2 OD
80BH-7111-72Union Tee 3/4-16 JIC
81BH-7111-73Tube Assy Offside 1/2 OD
82BH-7111-74Union Connector 3/4-16 JIC
83BH-7111-75Hose Assy 3/8 ID x 3/4-16
84BH-7111-76Hose Clamp Bracket
85BH-7111-77Hose Clamp
86BH-7110-66Hex Head Plug
87BH-7111-71Hex Nipple (MTE Only)
88BH-7100-63Hydraulic Cylinder
89BH-7102-92Female Adapter
90BH-7111-64Pipe Nipple 1/4 x 5
91BH-7102-9390 Elbow
92BH-7101-61Dry Pressure Gauge
93BH-7111-65Coupling (MTE Only)
94BH-7110-6390 Male Elbow
95BH-7111-66Tube Assy Upper 1/2 OD
96BH-7111-67Tube Assy Lower 1/2 OD
97BH-7111-6890 Elbow
98BH-7111-69Tube Union
99BH-7111-70Hose Assy 3/8
100BH-7110-66Hex Head Plug
101BH-7100-63Hydraulic Cylinder
102BH-7111-71Hex Nipple (MTE Only)
BH-7111-53Jacking Channel
BH-7111-54Jacking Channel Assy
103BH-7111-55Jacking Channel Structure
104BH-7111-56Spring Support Structure
106BH-7111-58Bronze Bushing
108BH-7111-60Retaining Ring
109BH-7111-61Die Spring
110BH-7111-62Jack Support Structure
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