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AMMCO BEN PEARSON 9000 FC Parts Breakdown

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1BH-7116-15Crossover Structure
2BH-7116-16Anchor Bolt 3/8 x 3-3/4
3BH-7116-17Actuator Cable
4BH-7116-26Equalizer Cable 28' 2-3/8
5BH-7116-29Arm Structure
6BH-7116-30Arm Extension Structure
7BH-7101-14Flatwasher 3/8
8BH-7116-31Self Tapping Screw
9BH-7116-32Lift Pad Assembly
9BH-7116-33Lift Pad Structure
10BH-7116-34Bolt On Lift Pad
11BH-7116-35Self Locking Screw
12BH-7116-362-5/8 Lift Pad Extension
13BH-7116-375 Lift Pad Extension
14BH-7116-02RH Post Structure
15BH-7116-03LH Post Structure
16BH-7116-11Mount Sheave Upper
17F-HC-0375-16-3500Hex Head Cap Screw 3/8-16 x 3-1/2
18BH-7116-13Bar Tie
19BH-7110-74Washer Head Screw
20BH-7110-76Self Locking Hex Nut
21BH-7006-012 HP, 1PH Power Unit
22BH-7110-73Hex Screw 5/16
23BH-7110-75Self Locking Hex Nut 5/16
24BH-7116-06Sheave Assembly
26BH-7116-09Snap Ring 3/4
27BH-7116-10Flatwasher 3/4
28BH-7116-07Overhead Sheave Shaft Structure
29BH-7075-033/4 x 5-1/2 Wedge Anchor
30BH-7512-92Shim Kit 150 pcs, 3 sizes
31BH-7116-18RH Carriage Latch
32BH-7116-19LH Carriage Latch
 BH-7116-20Carriage Stop Handle
33BH-7116-10Flat Washer 3/4
 BH-7205-21Handle Ball
34BH-7116-22Carriage Stop Pivot Pin
35BH-7116-09Snap Ring 3/4
36BH-7116-23Carriage Stop Torsion Spring
37BH-7116-24Latch Cover Power Unit Side
38BH-7116-25Latch Cover Offside
39BH-7116-38Arm Pin Structure
40BH-7116-45Arm Restraint Gear
41BH-7116-46Capscrew 3/8 x 1
42BH-7116-60Four Way Cable Tie
43BH-7116-61Tie Wrap
44BH-7116-04Carriage Structure
45BH-7106-07Bearing Block (Slider Block)
46BH-7116-39Arm Restraint Shaft
47F-RP-250-2500Roll Pin
48BH-7116-44Snap Ring 1
49BH-7116-41Arm Restraint Actuating Spring
50F-RP-0187-500Roll Pin
51BH-7116-47Capscrew 5/16 x 3/4
52BH-7101-50Flatwasher 1
53BH-7116-48Flatwasher 5/16
54BH-7116-40Locking Gear
55BH-7116-49Cylinder Assembly
56BH-7116-58Swivel Nut Run Tee
57BH-7116-57Straight Thread Elbow
58BH-7116-56Hydraulic Line
59BH-7116-55Hydraulic Line
60BH-7116-54Hydraulic Line
61BH-7116-51Tube Union
62BH-7116-52Hydraulic Line
63BH-7116-53Hydraulic Line
64BH-7116-50Straight Connector
65BH-7116-59Union Elbow
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